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I’m getting my material from other blogs now!

Posted by The Author on May 28, 2009

Huh?  Wha?  I’m too tired to make a proper entry right now — I don’t know when I won’t be too tired.  I forsee a giant post in the near future.  In the meantime, Tuesday’s H&L strip was featured today as a comic Bill doesn’t understand.  And rightly so!  I mean, Double-You Tee Eff, guys?


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And such.

Posted by The Author on April 22, 2009

I’m holding on updates for a while as I figure out some life-stuff… and get modivation motivation to post.  Isn’t that just the story of many bloggers’ lives?

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Death to newspaper comics!

Posted by The Author on April 17, 2009

This was already mentioned in the Daily Comics Review a few days ago, so I’m totally late to the game, but it’s still interesting, so I reproduce it here.  Ryan North of the delectable Dinosaur Comics, which I adore, wrote a journal entry on the state of newspaper comics these days and the psychology therein.  It is fascinating!

That’s all I’ve got for now.  Hope the weather is nice for you guys.  It’s been lovely here.

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This is an update of sorts

Posted by The Author on April 12, 2009

Dunno when I’ll get around to compiling a post… for now I’d just like to enjoy my Easter weekend.  And seeing as I have to get up early tomorrow, I should probably hit the hay.  Does anyone use that phrase any more?  I feel like it is woefully underutilized.  Anyhoozle.  If you acknowledge it, have a hippity happity Easter Sunday.  Myself, I’m looking forward to eating meat on Fridays again.  Hooray!

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Quick-a-doodle update

Posted by The Author on March 15, 2009

Huge-o new post coming soon… whenever I get the motivation to do it, that is.  My family just got new puppies so I have been preoccupied.

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Or whatever.

Posted by The Author on March 9, 2009

Extra-super-awesome entry later this evening, I’m sure, in case anyone cares.  For now, Happy Belated International Women’s Day!

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