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Lulsy Search Terms: Enlightenment Edition

Posted by The Author on May 12, 2009

hi and lois comic nrbq

I guess I wasn’t the only one who didn’t immediately get the reference.  Though, I don’t know if you should lose points for thinking NRBQ was some H&L-specific reference.  The only reoccuring element in H&L (besides despair) is Lois’s U Conn shirts.  Go U Conn!

hi and lois comic about band

All you need to know, frankly, is that they bite it big time.

hi and lois sucks

Finally someone gets it.  And there were not one, but two hits from these terms.  I hope they felt vindicated by what they found here.


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Lulsy Search Terms: Mini-Edition!

Posted by The Author on May 2, 2009

First, there’s this:

someone who doesnt watch sports

That is me!  Do they, too, not watch sports?  We should have a not-watching-sports party!

lois the caring mom

Secondly, I’ve been noticing a lot of the same strange search terms: “comics hi and lois the caring mom”, “comics flagston lois lois caring mom”, etc.  And it wasn’t until I saw “lois the caring mom” the other day that it struck me to actually Google the term myself.  I was flabbergasted at what I discovered.  Is this the title of a pornography?  Is this an animated pornography??  Is this an animated, incestuous pornography??? I have come very close to downloading one of the sure-to-be-virus-ridden .zip files to find out for myself.  To the people who are attempting to find this gem of cinema, I say to you: please, find a new hobby!  I hope there are no kids reading this!  Holy cats!

That is all.  I’ll be back on Monday or Tuesday, probably.  Have a fan-freakin’-tastic weekend!

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Crazy people and their crazy search terms

Posted by The Author on April 15, 2009

I adore my WordPress stats.  They tell me how famous (or not famous) I am on any given day, they inform me how many of my comments are icky spams, and, most happily, they report all the search terms people use to find this site.  Most of the time it’s something like “hi and lois”.  But, in the vein of Johnny Virgil, I’ve picked out some of the more amusing ones.

chip thirsty son “hi and lois”

Uh, I suppose Chip could be a thirsty son…?  Oh, wait, they’re probably referring to Mr. Thurston, aka Thirsty.  Um, no, Chip is not Thirsty’s son.  That we know of.

do you know the song in the new yaz birth control commercial

No, I don’t.  I do admire your ability to look past the fakey, talky woman rambling about Yaz’s past confusing commercials (if you don’t know what I’m talking about, you’re lucky) and wonder about the artists who composed the background music: no doubt they are pleased as punch that they’re getting so much publicity.  Poor artists.

jeezy creezy

Yes!  My signature phrase!  Though I can’t take credit for it.

random subjects to talk about

Here are a few: ping pong balls, Dr Seuss, ladybugs, fall leaves, wingback chairs, jam, fuzzy plumes on the top of marching band hats, cornucopias, and the presidency of James K. Polk.

“nude ms buxley”

Here is my advice to you.  Go outside.  Walk to the nearest lake or park.  Sit down and watch the water.  Think about your life.

And then there is the bright person who entered “comics flagston lois lois caring mom”, and “comics hi lois the caring mom”, and, for good measure, “comics hi and lois caring mom”, and apparently clicked on my blog for all three searches.  I hope they didn’t expect to get different results each time.  Er, what sort of information are you trying to get, sir or madam?  I would not call any of the characters in H&L caring.  Or sober.  Or compelling in any fashion.  But thanks for trying.  Good luck with all that.

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People love it when you lose; they love Dirty Laundry

Posted by The Author on March 22, 2009

Quick Monday note: hello again!  Thanks for stopping by!  The other day I totalled whopping thirty-six views, and I’m pretty sure individual visitors are only counted once, but I may be wrong about that.  Thirty-six views in one day!  I do appreciate it.  It’s about thirty-four more views than I was expecting.

Also, someone came to this page via a search for “people inflation”.  This intrigues me.  Does it refer to the inflation of humanity as a whole, in a figurative sense?  Or literally, and of a single, specific person, like those hideous anime-esque pictures on 4chan or DeviantArt or whatever that depict women with rapidly enlarging bosoms or what have you?  My Dear Reader, I sincerely hope it is the former.

Hi and Lois, 3/23/09


Hey, bucko, if you don’t like the way she’s doing the laundry, do it yourself.  Jeezy Creezy.

By the way, Lois’s reasoning is a bit flawed, dontcha think?  Kids don’t like their clothing being washed together?  1) Don’t let them into the basement.  Fold ’em and put them in seperate baskets.  (The clothes, not the kids.)  It’s worth it to prevent having loads of differently-colored clothes turn grayish purple in the wash.  Or, 2) tell them to stop being little brats.  I swear.

The Flagstons’ basement seems to exist in some kind of otherworldly plane where things randomly change position.  The first panel is innocuous enough, right?  Facing the back wall of the laundry area, we presume.  Then in Panel Two — which is essentially a 180-degree camera turn-around — Lois, Hi, and both laundry baskets swap places.  It’s magical; somewhat disorienting; could it be a new non-linear, existential angle?  One can only hope.

You know… I enjoy pink.  It’s my favorite color.  However, I don’t wear it every day.  Many, many persons of the female persuasion don’t wear it every day.  In the world of H&L, though, they do.  Pink and blue, the easy way out.  Do you have some sort of palate you have to follow, Color Monkeys?  Only four or five hues per comic?  IDo you make good use of the Eyedropper Tool in Photoshop?  I have so many questions.

(Kick ’em when they’re up, kick ’em when they’re down…)

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