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Trixie is the Lathe of Heaven

Posted by The Author on March 17, 2009

Hi and Lois, 3/18/09


In order:

1) Using the power of physics and tiny bones.

2) Because of the atmosphere, I think, and because any other color would look stupid and unnatural.

3) The streets, to peddle their sweet, sweet drugs.

4) Because of their wicky-dickies.

And then in the final panel we are treated to a Totally What-The-Fark Transcendental Moment, in which no jokes are told; instead we are invited to imagine our brains as a tangled snarl of spaghetti being shaken out, bit by bit, until our minds leave the physical body completely and become one with the rest of the universe.  This is the Zenith of Terrifying Comix, folks, and the fact that it is being delivered by an infant makes me want to pack up and move to the mountains for the rest of my life.


3 Responses to “Trixie is the Lathe of Heaven”

  1. xy said

    hey, thanks for the linkage, you didn’t have to do that and i appreciate it.

    and we are not disgusting because of our “wicky-dickies”, it’s because of the sac that lies directly underneath the “wicky-dicky”

    • Slager said

      Sir or madam, you are welcome. I suppose anyone who cares enough to link to me deserves to be linked in return. Like a little network!

      Anyway, that’s gross. I’ll never get that image out of my head.

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