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Magical Transforming Pants

Posted by The Author on March 8, 2009

Hi and Lois, 3/8/09

H&L, 3/8/09

1) This is pretty rare.  The two throw-away panels at the top, which don’t appear in some Sunday papers, contain a joke (well, “joke”), but the actual comic doesn’t.  So that means when I read this in the paper tomorrow, it will be merely a bleak reflection of the stereotypical Stay-At-Home Mom’s predicament: I have too many kids; I hate them all; and I can do nothing but wear an apron for no reason (which will later disappear), stand in my filthy kitchen, and stare with my heroin-addled pupils.

2) Actually, half the characters in this strip have weird googly-eyes.  What’s up with that? I really do suspect that Lois in on some sort of drug, considering her skirt morphs into a pair of pants in three panels.

3) Hi is a real jerk, staying for the joke but then leaving for the rest of the comic.  Take responsibility for the fruits of your marriage!  Asshole.

4) I can understand The Cabin Fever.  I have it myself right now, this being the longest winter I have ever experienced, with more snow expected overnight.  Other than that, this comic has no point.  “We thought you ran away from home”? Kids, couldn’t you see your mom from the window?  Standing in a snow drift?  Her crazy, fearful eyes?  That is the look of a mother who will be soon drowning her kids in the bath and saying God told her to do it.

5) Trixie’s “WA!” has always bothered me.  How does one pronounce that, exactly?  Wah?  Way?  Double-you ay?


2 Responses to “Magical Transforming Pants”

  1. Damn, didn’t even notice the morphing skirt when I read this on Sunday. And great point about Trixie’s wail. I suppose we DO pronounce Ma like “Mah”, but I think Hi and Lois is the only place I’ve ever seen Wah! spelled without the “h”.

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